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background: ice sherds at a
beach in hamburg january 2006
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[The Cure] Come closer and see
See into the dark
Just follow your eyes
Just follow your eyes
-- from The Cure - A forest
Time crashes from the sky again
To wash away the rain
I stare into the setting sun
Until it falls away
What is left is everything
Or everything to me
As I watch the evening fade
-- from Bella Morte - Eyes of a Ghost
[Bella Morte]
[The Doors] "What have they done to the earth?
What have they done to our fair sister?
Ravaged and plundered and ripped her and bit her,
stuck her with knives in the side of the dawn,
and tied her with fences and dragged her down.
I hear a very gentle sound... with your ear down to the ground...
we want the world and we want it - NOW!"
James Douglas Morrison (in "When the music's over")
They played at various clubs in Berlin, for example at Junction Bar, Knaack Club, Quasimodo, Sage Club, Pfefferberg, Mudd Club, Magnet Club, Wabe, Parkhaus Treptow, Weiße Rose. They also played in Hamburg at Lehmitz and Marquee and in many other cities.
Bäd Influence Hamburg - Metal Band. Website includes Tourdates, Pictures, MPEG's, Waves, RealAudios, ...
New Days Delay aus Bremen/Oldenburg.
bekannter Club-Hit: Tiny Monsters & Furry Little Creatures
[New Days Delay]

  • Abwärts - german Punk from the early 80s, well known hit 'Computerstaat'
  • All Gone Dead - Goth-Rock from London
  • Die Ärzte - 'Best Band of the World'
  • Ausgang - post punk ("King Hell", "Hots for Christ")
  • Bad Religion
  • Bäd Influence - Metal from Hamburg
  • The Bates - Punk
  • Bauhaus - "Bela Lugosi's dead" - Post Punk from England, saw them in february 2006 in Berlin
  • Beastie Boys
  • Bella Morte - Gothic/Punk from USA
  • The Beatles - Help!
  • Black Sabbath
  • Blind Guardian - Fun-Metal from Germany
  • Blind Melon
  • The Bloodhound Gang - the band with hits like "Fire Water Burn" and "Along comes Mary"
  • James Brown
  • David Bowie
  • Clan of Xymox - gothic from the netherlands, formed in 1984
  • Anne Clark
  • The Clash
  • Counting Crows
  • Creed - hits like "Higher", "What's this life for"
  • The Cure - saw the Trilogy-concert at Tempodrom Berlin in november 2002 and at Wuhlheide august 2005
  • Danzig - Hits: "Mother", "How the gods kill"
  • Crüxshadows - Electric-melodic Gothic from Florida
  • Das Ich - dark...
  • The Deep Eynde - Death Rock from L.A.
  • Depeche Mode
  • Deine Lakaien - a very popular song is "Dark Star"
  • Diaspora - (Band from Berlin, quite dark; I think they don't exist any more =(
  • Dimple Minds - well, I have to admit, they're not really one of my favourites, but they were kind of fun... =)
  • The Doors
  • Einstürzende Neubauten
  • Fishmob - you've got to know "Ey, Aller"
  • Frank the Baptist
  • H-Blockx
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Héroes del Silencio - "Entre dos tierras" was the only song in the charts, I think.
  • Die Herren K - Rock from Berlin, similar to Selig
  • Highfish - Rock from Switzerland
  • H.I.M. - yes, I like HIM. I'm admitting it. they're great. saw them at the Velodrom/Berlin in September 2001
  • Hooters - Johnny B.
  • Imaginary Walls - Gothic Band from Sweden, also on
  • Inchtabokatables - from Berlin
  • Jethro Tull - the older, the better
  • Karma Sade - from hamburg. dark metal-electro music; unfortunately they seem to have no website any more
  • KORN - very dark, very good. popular single is "falling away from me" on the album "Issues", which I can highly recommend
  • John Lennon
  • Limp Biz Kit - they became popular with their cover of "Faith"
  • Liquido
  • London after Midnight - "Sacrifice", "Kiss", "A Letter to God"
  • Marilyn Manson - hits: "the beautiful people", "rock is dead" (on matrix-soundtrack). saw them in february 2001 in the Velodrom Berlin
  • Metallica - I liked them for a while, and I will always like the old stuff including everything up to the album with Enter Sandman. I'm ignoring everything after that...
  • Ministry - very dark. have one song ("Bad Blood") on the matrix-soundtrack
  • Misfits - Glenn Danzig was their singer; hits like "Scream", "Lost in Space", "Hybrid Moments" and "Last Caress"
  • Monozid
  • Monster Magnet - hit: "see you back in hell"; also on the matrix-soundtrack
  • Mutabor - punk-folk (?) from berlin
  • Nena - well, years ago, "99 Red Balloons" ...
  • New Days Delay - Gothic from Bremen/Oldenburg
  • Nine Inch Nails - saw them on november 22nd '99 in the Columbiahalle Berlin and again in june 2005; hits like "Closer", "March of the Pigs", "Head like a Hole" and "Hurt"
  • NOFX - Punk
  • Paddy goes to Holyhead - irish folk / pop
  • Pearl Jam - saw them in Saratoga (NY) in summer 2000 and on September 23rd 2006 at the Open Air Wuhlheide in Berlin
  • Pink Floyd - well, who doesn't know "Another brick in the wall", "Wish you were here", "Shine on you crazy diamond", ...
  • Plush Insane
  • Poolstar - Indie-Rock-Band from Berlin. They played at various clubs in Berlin, for example at Junction Bar, Knaack Club, Quasimodo, Sage Club, Pfefferberg, Mudd Club, Magnet Club, Wabe, Parkhaus Treptow, Weiße Rose. They also played in Hamburg at Lehmitz and Marquee and in many other cities.
  • Psyche
  • Rammstein
  • The Ramones - US-Punkrock from the 70s
  • Rancid - Punk, Skapunk
  • R.E.M.
  • Republica
  • Rolling Stones
  • Selig
  • Sepultura - ever heard "Bloody Roots"? =)
  • Seven Mary Three
  • Sex Pistols - "Anarchy in the UK" or "God save the queen" are probably the most popular songs. I also like their version of "My Way"
  • Silverchair - hits like "Anthem for the Year 2000", "Ana's Song"
  • Sisters of Mercy
  • Slime - german Punkband
  • Smashing Pumpkins - i'm not up-to-date - I think thy don't exist any more...
  • Social Distortion - Old-School Punk from L.A.
  • Soul Asylum - saw a really great concert couple of years ago
  • Specimen - THE Batcave-Band. "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang", "Hex", "Tell Tail"
  • Stone Temple Pilots - "Plush"
  • The Strokes - cool new yorker rock-band
  • Suicide Commando - Industrial
  • Die Toten Hosen
  • Tuxedomoon - No tears (for the creatures of the night)
    T U X  E   D   O    M     O      O       N
  • Ultravox - "Dancing with tears in my eyes", "Hymn", "Vienna"
  • Die Untoten - Gothic from Berlin
  • Velvet Acid Christ - Industrial
  • Welle:Erdball
  • Neil Young - Godfather of Grunge
  • Zeromancer - melodic gothic rock

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